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HR Management Packages

Discover Tailored HR Solutions for Your UAE Business

Welcome to American Wasta, where we specialize in crafting HR management packages specifically designed for businesses in the UAE. As a business owner in this dynamic market, I understand the importance of efficient HR processes. That’s why I’ve curated comprehensive solutions that streamline everything from recruitment to payroll.

Let me help you empower your workforce and drive success.

Pocurement Errands

2000 AED


Handling MOHRE employee matters

Visa and EID issuance

Tourist visa

Renew licences

50 employees (charges apply for additional employees beyond 50)

HR Officer

3500 AED


Everything included in the procurement package

Recruitment and online interviews

Tracking company employee files

Policiy writing

50 employees

HR Manager

4500 AED


Everything included in the HR Officer package

Follow up on employee requests

Attendance tracking

Payroll handling

Ongoing HR consultation and advice

50 employees

Ready to revolutionize your HR management?